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No new or significant announcements for businesses today. So we can pause for breath...

Interesting to see the banks seemingly being proactive in offering assistance in rolling out the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme to businesses - I’ve seen a fair few emails circulating from them which is positive. I’ve also got some clients going through the process of applying right now. Rules and lenders here.

On the subject of emails, watch out for scammers offering cash support e.g. from HMRC, in return for your personal details….

Auto-enrolment pension contributions: Impact of the Job Retention scheme?

Nest has just released guidance regarding the impact of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme on an employer’s auto-enrolment pension responsibilities

Presently, employers’ duties remain unchanged, so please where possible continue to follow your normal processes and pay contributions when they are due.

The government has recently announced a range of measures aimed at helping businesses continue to keep employees on their workforce and payroll in these difficult times.

Although we don’t yet know how this will affect auto enrolment contributions, we’re working closely with the government to see how we can support our many employers. We understand they will provide clear direction on workplace pensions shortly. We’ll communicate any decisions made to our customers as soon as possible (my emphasis)

Thanks for that…

To be fair, this is a moving feast!

VAT payment deferment - Not a filing deferment

Further to yesterday’s update on VAT deferment for payments due from 20 March 2020 until 30 June 2020, you are still required to file your VAT returns on time.

Good news if you are expecting a VAT refund.

Coronavirus: Help for the self-employed?

More news on a package tomorrow (allegedly).

WFH: On a work call? Dog barking and kids screaming in the background?!?

We can all sympathise!

This might just help.

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